what to wear and what NOT to wear at warped tour

i'm faintly surprised that no one has bothered to say anything about this. it's very important. i know that we all like to be unique…


well hello there everyone! i've been gone for quite some time i'll admit, so i'm sorry. i thought i stop in, post a few pics…
deathbysupression Jul 02, 2009

just poppin' in for a quick hello

hey everyone :) just thought i'd stop in to let you all know that i'm not dead, i'm just not ready to come back to…

i'm leaving for a while

you might have already noticed that i haven't been signing on in forever. buzznet just isn't what it used to be and i miss it…

i'm back!!!!

ok so i'm officially back! seriously. i'm not nearly as apethetic as i was and i feel like the break has been good for me. in…
deathbysupression Apr 13, 2008
Pictures 170pic

i'm sorry :(

i'm so sorry guys. i feel like i haven't been doing anything i used as much as i used to (if that sentence makes any…
deathbysupression Apr 02, 2008


TODAY IS MY ONE YEAR ANIVERISARY ON BUZZNET!!!!! holy crap! i remembered that i was coming up but i couldn't remember the date exactly. lol, i'm…

sorry buzznet!

hey guys! i'm sorry i haven't been on much lately. i feel kinda bad, but life has been so hectic around here lately. lol, i'm not…
extreme mall wrestlingvid

extreme mall wrestling

spencer gets her ass kicked by tim at the mall. she was really hyper, um, wow. so he does this with no effort what so…
Winter Pictures 031pic

hurray for journals at 2am!

so i'm really tired right now, but i can't fall asleep, anyone know that feeling? anyhoo, i was at a benefit gathering for Invisible Children, hosted…
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  • Relationship Status: single
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Atheist
  • Drink: No
  • Smoke: No
  • Children: Someday
  • Education: In College
  • Occupation: Red Lobster

About Me:

i have some rules, if you add me, i will always add you, no questions asked, but i will ask that you talk to me a bit, b/c i don't like being a number to raise your friend count. so now that certain details are out of the way, here's me:

yeah, so i'm basically amazing. my nickname was given to me by some of my wonderful friends here on buzznet it Spaz b/c i'm so crazy. talk to me and i'll talk to you, don't give me that crap of, "uh, hi, what's up? nothing" aaand done. that annoys the heck out of me.

i love music, it rules my life, i love all animals and my favorite thing to do is paint, read, draw, and i'm quite good at making cookies and soup from scratch.

luv ya peoples!!!!!!


I like hard core rock music and emo. i love to read. I love animals. birds are my favorite. i like chococlate. my favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast. I love my sister. I hate my sister's boyfriend. i love my dad. i HATE my evil, physcotic step-mother. i like science. i like art. i like to draw. i love to pain. i just finished a fall scene in oil. I hate being cold. i'm fat enough that i shouldn't get cold easily, but i live in front of my heater during the winter and wear long sleeves in the summer. I love black. I love storm, somehow our farm is placed just right so that the storms always gather to the north and south of us so that we are in a little bubble, its a greath view to watch the clouds go black to green and then see the lightning in them. Other things that i like: apples. birds. storms. typing. movies. darkness. solitude. rings. eyliner. books. childen's toys (they're more fun when your older than when you still don't get them). pens. the color black. reading. robots. horses. my friends. fire. pretty colors. stupid wind-up toys. flashy things. tornadoes. water. ducks. Timmy Turner. stars.

Favorite Music:

EMO ROCK!!!!! Bullet for my Valentine. Kill Hannah. AFI. Incubus. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. New Found Glory. Taking Back Sunday. Avenged Sevenfold. Velvet Revolver. My Chemical Romance. SlipKnot. Boys Like Girls. Evenescense. Fall Out Boy. Three days grace. all american rejects. lost propehts. rascal flatts. bowling for soup. the ataris. hoobastank. cheny chesney. greenday. linkin park. rise against. the academy is... korn. p!nk. breaking benjamin. 30 seconds to mars. smashing pumpkins. the killers. augustana. sick puppies. the used. the almost. saosen. paramore. yellowcard. sum 41. kelly clarkson. a static lullaby. puddle of mud. drowning pool. hatebreed. the medic droid. blaqk audio. pink spiders. fall from grace. neurosonic. (More to be added, i can't think of any right now, but the list goes on and on)

Favorite Movies:

Ok, really stupid... Twister (I LOVE storms) and Beauty and the Beast (my absolute favorite fairy tale). I just watched Borat. It sucked ass. Pirates of the Carrabian, all of them. Scary Movie

Favorite TV Shows:

Fuse.TV, its the only channel i watch on a regular basis, but i have an anime addiction, you should see my bookshelves, they are covered in manga. I also love Invader Zim, and Spongebob, because Spongebob rules. I like to watch Comedy TV. I like blue-collar TV. Rone White and another dude who's name i can't ever remember for some reason are my heros (not really, but they're hillarious). SCRUBS, it is hillarious, i love Dr. Cox because he is so cynically evil. FUEL TV (basically an entire channel devoted to wakeboarding, snowboarding, skating and everything in between. it's awesome!)

Favorite Books:

Anything with vampires. Not Ann Rice though, i LOVE Twilight, its almost a cult at my school. I am writing a book as well, i just can't actually sit down and edit what i have printed out, too ADD. I love Harry Potter (who doesn't like it at least a little). My favorite author is Tamora Pierce, she is an amazing writer. My favorite manga series is Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, Mars, and Model, Vampire Knight. Left to Tell (i had to read this for summer reading for school, but its actually really good, it's about the genocide in Rwanda). revolution on canvas.